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Instead of losing your hair trying to plan an event, why don’t you let Maddy K do it for you? With a large amount of experience in planning events such as weddings, baptisms, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, baby showers and much more, Maddy K will deliver an event which you will be sure to remember.

Events, no matter the type, come with an overwhelming amount of responsibilities and details. From food and drinks to the colour of the napkins, any kind of event needs time and energy to be planned and throughout out properly. But who has time for this? An event planner.


Here at Maddy K, our days consist of choosing table linens and fonts for menu’s. Maddy K’s team are specially trained to cater to needs to all clients.

As a team, we deliver incredible events which leave customers and others inspired. So let us use our knowledge and expertise to create the event you thought you'd never be able to create.

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