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Madeleine Kojakian also known as Maddy K; is the founder of Maddy K Events Atelier, the renowned luxury event and wedding agency. Maddy K, is one of the most sought-after event designers in Montreal, having created spectacular celebrations for a discriminating roster of clients, corporate and private, since 2003. Always raising the bar, she’s marveled at by party guests and highly respected among her event peers for her creativity and incredible work ethic.

As an expert in event design, consulting, and visual styling, she is regarded as a trendsetter and a “go-to” person among a high-profile social and corporate clientele. Regarded as a pioneer in the Montreal Wedding industry, with her high standards for luxury, detail and innovative design; Maddy continues to grow and build new standard for the luxury events industry in Montreal! She founded Maddy K Events Atelier as a side project while building her career in the Interactive Marketing world. Event planning was a side thing she wanted to try because she noticed there was serious lack in the market for creative luxury and bespoke wedding and event agencies.

In 2007 when she was pregnant with her first born, she was at a cross road: She had to make a choice between a growing event design agency and a successful interactive marketing career she had worked so hard to build. Although the decision was extremely difficult, she followed her heart and decided to stay true to her dreams of being a self-employed entrepreneur – She’s never looked back since, and never did she think her agency would grow to the powerhouse it has become today.

A devoted wife and mother of two, Maddy loves fashion, travel, food and life!!! She loves to inspire people and is always pushing the envelope and ensuring that every event she designs is different and unique in its own way… she is not simply an event designer, but she creates experiences that keep her clients coming for more!! Maddy K and her family reside in Montreal.

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